Morgen und Abend / Johannes – UA Royal Opera House Covent Garden London Libretto: Jon Fosse; Regie: Graham Vick; Dirigent: Michael Boder, November 2015

Christoph Pohl gibt als Johannes sein Covent Garden-Debüt. Jedes Wort ist zu verstehen. Die Einsamkeit, das naive Staunen, mit dem Johannes den unbegreiflichen Veränderungen begegnet, all das kann Pohl vermitteln. Leicht und heiter wird seine Linie, als Johannes die Erdenschwere aus den alterssteifen Gliedern rinnt.

Wiebke Roloff, Grenzgefilde, in: Opernwelt, Seite 18, Januar 2016

Baritone Christoph Pohl is exceptionally concentrated and convincing as the late Johannes

Mark Valencia, Morgen und Abend (Royal Opera House), in: What's on stage, 14.11.2015

Baritone Christoph Pohl is our guide for the evening –  a warmly humane Johannes, vocally characterful and carefully understated.

Alexandra Coghlan, Morgen und Abend is thoughtful and beautiful – but it does little for opera, in: NewStatesman, 16.11.2015

More successful were the sung roles, led by the baritone Christoph Pohl, whose Johannes combined impressively strong definition with a touching, rabbit-in-the-headlights sense of vulnerability as death closed in.

Michael White, Review: In 'Morgen Und Abend,' a Musical Interpretation of the Afterlife, in: The New York Times, 16.11.2015

prächtiger Bariton: Christoph Pohl

Manuel Brug, Die Türöffner, in Die Welt, 22.11.2015

Baritone Christoph Pohl is superb as Johannes, as he passes through the different phases of wonderment to the realisation of his death.

Claire Colvin, Opera reviews: Georg Friedrich Haas’s MORGEN UND ABEND, in: Mondo news, 22.11.2015

Christoph Pohl finds warm humanity in the role of Johannes.

Fiona Maddocks, Morgen und Abend; Biedermann and the Arsonists review – the afterlife and nothing but, in: The Guardian, 22.11.2015

Baritone Christoph Pohl and soprano Sarah Wegener sing with superb musicality and remarkable diction as Johannes and Signe

Mark Ronan, Morgan und Abend, Royal Opera, ROH, Covent Garden, November 2015, in:, 14.11.2015

Christoph Pohl singt dann die Partie des Johannes mit einer lyrischen, unprätentiös sprechenden Baritonstimme

Simon Tönies, Oper in London. Was kann es bedeuten?, in: Süddeutsche Zeitung, 16.11.2015

Den sterbenden, liebenswerten Fischer Johannes spielt – recht jugendlich noch erscheinend – der weiche Bariton Christoph Pohl.
Bernhard Doppler, Fischer Johannes fischt frische Chiffren, in: Der Standard, S. 24, 17.11.2014

There are no standout arias or opportunities for the singers to be vocally flashy, but the score is engaging and each soloist makes their presence felt with the richness and consistency of their sounds. Christoph Pohl as Johannes excels in particular

Sam Smith, Morgen und Abend @ Royal Opera House, London, in: music OMH, 15.11.2015

But when the brilliant cast led by baritone Christoph Pohl breaks into song under Michael Boder’s direction the dream acquires compelling momentum.

Michael Church, Morgen und Abend, Royal Opera House, review: Brilliant cast delivers an operatic experience like no other, in: The Independent, 16.11.2015

Christoph Pohl is outstanding as Johannes

Barry Millington, Morgen und Abend, opera review: Life, death and what lies in between, in: vening Standard, 16.11.2015

German baritone, Christoph Pohl making his ROH debut as Johannes, sang his heart out, utterly convincing as a simple man who loved his wife, valued his fellow fishermen and appreciated his daughter’s care and concern, all the while having no idea he was already dead. […] A combination of the excellent characterful singing, the endless variety of Haas’ soundworld and the soaring beauty of the vocal lines made the remaining fifty minutes of the opera a real gem

Miranda Jackson, Haas: Morgen und Abend, Royal Opera House, November 13th 2015, in: Opera Britannia, 15.11.2015

Christoph Pohl throws everything he has at Johannes

George Hall, Morgen Und Abend review at the Royal Opera House – ‘thought-provoking’, in: The Stage, 16.11.2015

the cast sings it with poised sensuality: Christoph Pohl as the moribund Johannes, Sarah Wegener as his daughter Signe and Helena Rasker as his spectral wife Erna.

Rupert Christiansen, Morgen und Abend, Royal Opera House, review: 'beautiful but turgid', in: The Telegraph, 14.11.2015

In the central role, Christoph Pohl performs heroics, untiring in his communicative urgency

Peter Quantrill, Morgen und Abend, in: Quantrill Media, 16.11.2015

German baritone Christoph Pohl delivers a committed performance as the aged and bewildered fisherman, wandering through an eerie, colourless Limbo, haunted by those he has loved and lost.

Holli-Mae Johnson, Review: Morgen Und Abend Is A Relentless Sensory Assault, in: Londonist, 16.11.2015

..five accomplished singers with standout performances from the trio of Christopher Poul as Johannes who is seeing dead people and breathing his last (but taking his time doing it)

Jum Pritchard, Haas’s Morgen und Abend is a New Existential Opera Exploring Life and Death, in: Seen and Heard International, 15.11.2015

Interview mit Christoph Pohl

Das Interview finden Sie HIER
Tony Kliche, Eine Luxus-Situation, in: Das Opernglas, 11/2015



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