Konzert: Die Schöpfung / Raphael, Adam - BBC Proms, Royal Albert Hall London BBC Philharmonic; Dirigent: Omer Meir Wellber, Juli 2019

„The soloists were strong. Baritone Christoph Pohl finely contrasted Raphael’s lofty detachment with Adam’s human warmth.“
--- Tim Ashley, Prom 14: BBC Phil/Wellber review – creative approach makes for a magnificent Creation, in: The Guardian, 30.07.2019

„All three solo singers treated the performance with obvious respect and dedication. […] Baritone Christoph Pohl seems to have owned his parts both as Raphael and Adam. He is economical with his soft-grained sound but rises to the occasion when he needs to project strongly. A fine artist with musical intelligence and perfect diction, he gave me true pleasure. He set the tone with his pensive and devotional delivery of his first recitative ‘Im Anfange schuf Gott Himmel und Erde’ (‘In the beginning God created the heaven and earth’).“
--- Agnes Kory, At the Proms, The Creation is Rescued by the BBC Phil and the Youth Choir, in: Seen and Heard International, 30.07.2019

„The whole piece is a feast of word-painting, as each new wonder appears on the earth. Christoph Pohl, as the archangel Raphael, sang thunderously of the creation of the seas before sinuously navigating us along the limpid waters of babbling brooks and serpentine rivers […]. The final part of the piece is taken up entirely with the story of Adam and Eve (sung winningly by Pohl and Brandon), turning it from a Biblical story to a Magic Flute-like extended love duet, with choral interjections, some of them beautifully realised, particularly the pianissimo entries.“
--- Stephen Pritchard, Prom 14: Haydn's Creation, fresh as a fragrant bouquet, in: bachtrack, 30.07.2019



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Christoph Pohl 

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